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brief introduction

September 5, 2012

My name is Sultan Garatli, I’m twenty two years old, from Saudi Arabia. After I graduated from high school I originally wanted to study directing, because I’m into the movies scene, and that’s why I decided to come to California, but I ended coming to the United States for an undergrad in business after I got a scholarship from the government. I like all different kinds of music. I always wanted to learn an instrument, but haven’t found the right one yet.I like animals, I have a dog, and had many cats before, also had a parrot and a snake.  I really like the wild life. I have a huge interest in sports, I use to play soccer everyday. I love jet skiing, fishing, still haven’t learned how to surf though. I do some music from time to time for my own enjoyment.

To be updated 😀

If you have any questions please ask!


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  1. Nice start.. Make sure you add your picture and 2 fact filled pages about you so that we can get you rocking and rolling.. Keep it coming!

  2. That is great you were able to get a scholarship to go to school. Maybe you can still study to be a director. Having a background in business will help you in any industry.

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